We are not activists. And we don’t prescribe to nutritional philosophies simply because they’re on trend. We have a simple formula: combine righteous ingredients with intriguing flavor profiles in a refined environment.  We’re committed to providing as many people as possible, as often as possible, with scratch-made, non-processed, delicious food...To make that the new normal… because at Vessel, it’s about food and that’s enough. It’s more than enough.  


Food We Want To Eat

From the very beginning, we pledged to construct a menu that focused on clean, wholesome options that would allow our guests to walk out the door feeling better than they did on the way in. We believe that honesty, transparency, and committing to keeping communications lines open in everything we do will allow us to deliver an experience we're proud of. Our produce is sourced from many of Utah’s finest local farms and we go to great lengths to ensure our proteins come from the region’s most esteemed purveyors. Those ingredients serve as the staples within our unpretentious and approachable seasonal menus that are constructed with one goal in mind: create a well-rounded menu chalk full of menu items that we, ourselves, would want to eat. And it’s just that simple.


Good Food Speaks For Itself

We don't pigeon hole ourselves into defining our restaurant by cuisine or impose caloric restrictions on our menu because doing so may be on trend. The only questions we ask ourselves when we introduce new seasonal menu items or make other products/service related changes are: how do we ensure we're sourcing the best possible product and are the Ingredients and flavors we/re composing something we are proud to stand behind? We know this know hype-free train of thought will always hold us in good stead because hype doesn't taste good and creativity isn't a flavor.