BY TONY GILL ON NOVEMBER 1, 2016 - "behind the scenes at vessel kitchen are some serious hospitality chops. the team members have collectively held positions in management at major restaurant groups and luxury resorts and the chef has executive chef experience at award-winning establishments. but owner nick gradinger's impetus for vessel kitchen was simple and straightforward. gradinger took it upon himself to build what he wanted, so he started a search for the right team members and found exactly what he was looking for in chef roe'e levy."

fall feasting 

By Michael Purser on October 2, 2016 - "On the subject of top picks, Vessel Kitchen has quickly risen to the top of our list. It has become our go-to favorite for exceptionally good and healthy breakfast and lunch options. Located in the Kimball Junction area of town, this new eatery focuses on quick, healthy eats at a good price. Vessel partners with other local merchants to provide convenient and casual meals that are wholesome, healthy, and responsible. Local coffee, local bread, local produce, Vessel is serious about minimizing their impact by keeping their ingredients local, not shipped in from all over the country."


BY Chin MacQuoid Fleming Harris ON october 3, 2016 - "The Park City lifestyle can be boiled down to three things: great skiing, great friends, and great food. Until recently, Parkites have had to make the choice of either great food that breaks the bank or cheap food that breaks their waistline. Enter Vessel Kitchen. Vessel Kitchen was the missing puzzle piece that fills the gap in Park City’s food market by providing great food at great prices."


BY KERRI JOHNSON ON SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 - Vessel Kitchen has officially opened it’s doors and we’re slightly obsessed, as are a lot of people. They’ve only been open about three weeks but they are quickly building a community of like-minded people with the same goals of mindful dining. Vessel Kitchen founder Nicholas Gradinger did what any good entrepreneur does: solved a problem. Working in Kimball Junction, he noticed the lack of healthy, on-the-go options and he final took a concept he had been dreaming up for a while and made it a reality."