Vessel Kitchen announces partnership with action sports agency, augustwinter, highlighted by inaugural signing of homegrown Olympian and elite freestyle skier, McRae Williams.


Vessel Kitchen, who believes the human body needs fuel in order to operate at its highest level, is proud to announce that it has reached an agreement to act as a dining sponsor for Olympian and local Park City resident, McRae Williams.

 Augustwinter Co-Founder, Carl Runge, said of the signing: "We believe that McRae’s presence in Park City and on the world stage is a perfect fit for this type of arrangement with our culinary partner, Vessel Kitchen. Vessel's culinary and cultural philosophies align perfectly with an athlete like McRae whose commitment towards proper nutrition gives him the necessary fuel to excel at his craft.”

"Augustwinter leadership is thrilled that premier athletes like Mr. Williams can now rely on a culinary program that gives them the best possible opportunity to position themselves for adding more Olympic medals and a myriad of additional world-class accolades to their already impressive resumes," Runge said.

"As a professional athlete I’ve always made it a point to take good care of my body by eating a well balanced healthy diet. However, the lifestyle I live requires me to eat out a lot and it’s often times hard to find something quick and healthy. That’s exactly why I couldn’t be more stoked to be partnering with Vessel Kitchen. Of the many awesome sponsors I am so grateful to have support me and make it possible for me to do what I do, I consider Vessel among the more important as I am a firm believe in that you are what you eat. I believe this relationship will be critical in helping me to recover and stay in good shape for skiing. Speaking of recovery, I’m actually just over a month out of shoulder surgery so this couldn’t have been better timing. It is extremely important to feed my body quality fuel as it works hard to heal and repair itself. Plus, it’s a bit difficult to cook at the moment so Vessel is the perfect answer. Have to say I crave the Hash Hash signature bowl with avocado after a long day of physical therapy. Just want to say thanks to Nick and everyone at Vessel for bringing me on board as their first sponsored athlete, and I’m stoked to see where this relationship goes."


first tracks

Growing up in a family of skiers from Park City, UT, it was inevitable that Williams would get into some sort of snow sport. As a youngster, he competed in trampoline and then went to the Olympic Park to try aerials. He saw all of the crazy off-axis tricks the skiers were throwing and he couldn’t help himself—he was hooked on freeskiing. He took it to the park with his friends and the rest is history.


off the snow

During the summer, when he’s not coaching for Fly Freestyle at the Utah Olympic Park, you can find Williams enjoying all of the outdoor activities that Utah has to offer: rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, wakeboarding and he still loves bouncing on trampolines. He's a role model for kids and wants to utilize his skiing to inspire them to find their own passion and work towards making it the center of their lives through hard work, positive attitude and strong ambition.