Our Mission

We believe good food choices are good investments...that quality ingredients are a currency more valuable than any coin or dollar bill. We believe your body is a finely tuned vehicle. And it’s the only one you got. If you give it good fuel, it will take you to even better places. And we’re going places. We believe in a dining experience that leaves you feeling better on the way out the door than you did on the way in. We understand most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel. But your body is the Vessel taking you through the voyage that is your life. And we’re here to make sure you travel well.


Partnerships We're Proud Of

We are committed to only sourcing produce and other goods from growers and partners we know and trust. We go to great lengths to work with individuals and organizations whose practices align with our own and if we can support locally, all the better. The ability to form personal relationships with these groups not only allows us to get to know the people behind the ingredients, but makes it possible for us to source the best ingredients they have to offer, week in and week out. It’s these high quality ingredients that ultimately dictate the flavors you’ll find throughout our menu, and gives us the flexibility to highlight new ingredients as soon as they’re in season and live up to the high standards we’ve set.

Vessel Kitchen - Summer Menu Banner3.jpg

Food Forward Sourcing 

We work to source local ingredients each season whenever possible. Not just because they are ‘local’, but because fresh ingredients taste better and supporting local vendors is a huge part of our identity. No matter what the season, our menu will always reflect the belief that great food has the power to bring people together and provide a path to a healthier lifestyle. Sure, our produce is sourced from many of Utah’s finest local farms and we go to great lengths to ensure our proteins come from the region’s most esteemed purveyors. Those ingredients serve as the staples within our unpretentious and approachable seasonal menus that are constructed with one goal in mind: create a well-rounded menu chalk full of menu items that we, ourselves, want to eat. And it’s just that simple.


Our Restaurants

At Vessel Kitchen, we look to highlight the craftsmanship of our menu and let our food do the talking. Our team believes that the best restaurant design possesses a level of subtlety and restraint that should almost go unnoticed.  Sure, we have our share of eye-catching components — a stunning mural, or carefully crafted furniture from local artisans — but those will always be secondary to the layout, the lighting, the carefully cultivated mood. A well-designed restaurant shouldn’t distract from the food, and certainly not from the conversation. Instead, we strive to assemble a design motif that subtly contributes to memorable evenings when everything clicks: the meal, the service and the inviting environment that makes you feel like you’re home.