Vessel Kitchen announces partnership with action sports agency, augustwinter and signing of elite freestyle skier, McRae Williams.


At Vessel Kitchen, we believe the human body needs fuel in order to operate at its highest level. So we set out to connect with an entity that represented like-minded athletes whose successes are founded on quality ingredients fueling their pursuit of greatness. And in recent months, we worked tirelessly to finalize a long-term partnership with action sports agency, augustwinter. The hard work paid off, and we are proud to officially announce that we have reached an agreement to act as the dining sponsor for Olympian and local Park City resident, McRae Williams, one of the world's elite freestyle skiers and inaugural member of the Vessel Kitchen Team.


Augustwinter Co-Founder, Carl Runge, said of the signing: "We believe that McRae’s presence in Park City and on the world stage is a perfect fit for this type of arrangement with our culinary partner, Vessel Kitchen. Vessel's culinary and cultural philosophies align perfectly with an athlete like McRae, whose commitment towards proper nutrition gives him the necessary fuel to excel at his craft.”

"Augustwinter leadership is thrilled that premier athletes like McRae can now rely on a culinary program that gives them the best possible opportunity to position themselves for adding more Olympic medals and a myriad of additional world-class accolades to their already impressive resumes," Runge said.

As a professional athlete, I’ve always made it a point to take good care of my body by eating a well balanced healthy diet. However, the lifestyle I live requires me to eat out a lot and often times, its hard to find something quick and healthy. That’s exactly why I couldn’t be more stoked to be partnering with Vessel Kitchen. I am so grateful to have the support of the Vessel team, as they are helping make it possible for me to continue to do what I do at a high level. I can’t thank everyone at Vessel enough for the honor of representing them and serving as their first sponsored athlete. I couldn’t be more stoked to see where this relationship goes.

"I know this relationship is going to be critical in aiding my recovery process and ensuring that proper nutrition keeps me in the best shape possible. I'm spending this offseason recovering for shoulder surgery and being able to rely on Vessel throughout the recovery process has been incredible. Plus, it’s a bit difficult to cook at the moment post-surgery so Vessel is the perfect answer!"


Favorite Dish

I crave the Hash Hash signature bowl with avocado after a long day of physical therapy!